Why vegans are better in bed

A vegan diet also known as a plant based is becoming a very popular trend. The truth is a plant based diet has actually been around for decades in many parts of the world. There is a difference between a vegan and a vegan diet. The main difference is the intent. To be a vegan is to avoid or eliminate as much as possible the use of any animal products within their entire lifestyle. From clothes to food to cosmetics. To consume a vegan diet is to refrain from eating any animal flesh or foods that contain any animal products or by products. So no meat dairy poultry honey fish eggs or any of is byproducts such as cheese yoghurt or even wines. Some friends from charlotte London escorts told me that many vegans refrain from even consuming foods that contain palm oil as the harvesting of palm oil endangers certain ape species and other wildlife.  

So what is the benefit of a vegan or plant based diet? Well according to london escorts eating a plant based diet drastically reduces inflammation in the body caused by the animal proteins cholesterol and saturated fats in animal flesh. Cheap london escorts go onto explain that there have been ma0my scientific studies that have proven that inflammation is the cause of the majority of diseases that many people suffer from today. from cancer to diabetes To auto immune diseases such as ibs and even hay fever.  

By eating a plant based diet the body is able to use energy to recover and regenerate according to the research done by london escorts. A plant based diet helps the body to work optimally helping with blood flow and muscles and bone development. So how does this work in the bedroom. Well london escorts have dated many men and have a good data base to judge how different diet and lifestyle choices effect their sexual performance. Many of the london escorts clients have reported that they have issues with Erectile dysfunction. All of these men eat a diet heavy in meat and other animal products. However the men that have no issues with their meat and two veg are the men that actually don’t eat meat fish dirty eggs or poultry. By eliminating these food groups vegan men are able to last longer in bed and there have been reports that they have harder and bigger erections.  

This is great news for the women who are lucky enough to sleep with these vegan men. Rather than having unsatisfactory sex with men who can’t even hit their g spot they get to have deep filling sex that takes them to a place of ecstasy.  

I can totally relate to the poor women who have less than satisfying sex on a daily basis. After hear from the ladies at london escorts by online dating profile specifies that I am looking for a vegan partner. Because who in the world doesn’t want deep satisfying sex.